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Come and join us for our pop up and collection launch, for an evening of shopping and complimentary wine. At the French Workwear Company, we celebrate European blue workwear, the equivalent to US denim, providing workers with solid and long-lasting quality clothing. The garments are all original vintage pieces made in France by heritage brands such as Adolphe Lafont. This ‘re-wear’ ‘re-purpose’ unisex fashion fits many styles and ages. Expect the classic blue jackets, but also variations on colour and design, as well as some items with cool original badges or logos, making every piece unique and special. Our pop up will be hosted at Post, a bright new space, showcasing contemporary homewares

Why are workwear garments blue? And did you know the word ‘Jeans’ came from a type of blue?

The cotton workwear garments are the European equivalent of the denim clothes on the other side of the Atlantic, in both cases they have spawned the ‘blue collar’ expression that describes the working class. With the industrial revolution, workers used machines and did dirty work, the clothes would get dirty or stuck into machinery, sometimes ripped. Workers secured the obligation for their employers to provide the clothes: an outfit consisting of trousers and a jacket to go on top of your regular clothes. They had to be produced in large quantities, be solid, thick, long-lasting, and of a darker colour. The cheapest colour to produce was blue. Over in the US the Lewis Strauss Company used

The French Workwear Company

Providers of original French vintage workwear garments for women and men since 2014.

London UK.



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