Berjac is one of the lesser known brands (well, especially on this side of the Channel) who are still going, based in Vosges. This is a long workwear shirt, faded dark blue colour, 1 chest pocket, grandad shirt cut. 

100% Cotton

Berjac Long Workwear Shirt - M/L

  • Collar: 14" (35.5cm)
    Shoulder to Cuff: 23.5" (57cm) (on the short side, you might want to turn the sleeves up)
    Chest:  47.25" (120cm)
    Shoulder to Shoulder: 18" (46cm)
    Midneck to Tail: 32" (81cm)
    Back collar to Tail 39.75" (101cm)
    Front armpit to armpit 22.5" (57cm)

  • Worn.