Classic bugatti blue workwear trousers, 100% cotton and made in France, unworn condition, all classic cut, different sizes to choose from, waist sizes available: 29", 30", 31", 32", 34", 36", 37", 39", 40", 41", see breakdown below. 


Button fly, belt loops, 2 front pockets, 1 back pocket, one tool / pen pocket on the back of right leg.


Please get in touch if you need any help at all or would like to see a photo of a specific size.

Classic Unworn Bugatti Blue Trousers - various sizes 30W to 41W


    29W, 31L, 11R, 8LO

    30W, 31L, 11.5R, 8.5LO

    30W, 32L, 11.5R, 8.5LO

    31W, 30.5L, 11.5R, 9LO

    32W, 31.5L, 11.5R, 8.5LO

    34W, 32L, 12R, 9.5LO

    36W, 32L, 12R, 8.5LO

    37W, 31L, 12.5R, 9LO

    39W, 36L, 13R, 8.5LO

    40W, 33.5L, 12.5R, 8.5LO

    41W, 33L, 12.5R, 10LO

    41W, 34.5L, 12.5R, 9LO

  • Dead stock garment, unworn.