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Blue about the blue? Consider our orange and red workwear

Workwear clothing standardized throughout France as industries expanded. When the trade unions secured the right for workers to wear protective wear paid for by their employer, the garments needed to be mass-produced. Blue, as the most-readily available ink gave us the iconic French workwear.

What about orange and red? Before high vis, these bright colours were worn by workers who needed to be seen, such as people working on roads or by the roadside.

At the moment we also have red jackets originally made for petrol pump attendants, who needed to be visible on the forecourt. They are great pieces with a more unusual cut, see here.

Made from the same quality twill cotton, the orange jackets are rarer and harder to get hold of, but we are always on the look out for them. Check out our currently selection.

Large orange jacket

Medium Orange Workwear Jacket

Orange workwear trousers

XL Red jacket

Red workwear trousers 33" waist

Orange and green zipped jacket

Vintage Red Jumpsuit

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