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Bandit Circus x The French Workwear Company

Oscar in a kids workwear jacket with his Bandit Circus 'Grands Yeux' backpack & Celeste fox terrier

Just in, a small quantity of kids jackets made by Le Laboureur in the 1970s, and they are amazing, cut in denim fabric with big bright stitching and pockets.

We had met Alix founder of Bandit Circus at one of our pop ups. Bandit Circus offer a new take on the nappy bag and nursery bag - a versatile nappy bag that can be passed on to your kid as a backpack - in funky prints that make you want to carry on using them once your child is out of nursery.

Here Oscar modeled two of our jackets with two of the bags: Grands Yeux and the Eclair backpacks. He is accompanied by Celeste fox terrier.

The jackets are from size 3y to 10y. Made in Burgundy in the 1970s by Le Laboureur, they are unisex, and you will recognise the company's high standards and quality. This classic stock has been waiting for your child. Visit the capsule collection here.


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