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Jackets turned into unique wearable pieces of art that you will love. 

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a series of collaborations

We are pleased to present ARTwork Wear a series of collaborations between The French Workwear Company and artists, using the humble chore jacket as support. 


A new way of looking at the chore coat, turning them into unique and wearable art pieces.


First up for this initial drop, are two London artists Stewart Easton and Ian Viggars.

Stewart Easton 

Stewart Francis Easton is a visual storyteller who works in thread, ink, paint and digital media. He received an MA in Illustration and Animation, and has had a number of solo and group shows both in the UK and USA.   

Breaking the traditional boundaries of craft, Stewart Francis Easton’s work fuses hand embroidery, sonic art and design-based illustration. He is inspired by folk art, psychedelic music and explores embroidery as a form of abstract art and mindfulness.

His first two garments here are very different in style, showcasing the range of the workwear garments, and Stewart has taken the spillages on the garments as starting point for his embroidery.

These jackets take you on a journey into Stewart's unique multicoloured world.

Ian Viggars 

Ian Viggars is an artist, designer, and video editor based in East London. He produces paintings and illustrations in various media, with an emphasis on graphic or ‘pop art’, with bold bright colours. 

His art is memorable and fun. For his two jackets - a classic blue jacket and a white painter's coat, he has played with the patch pockets which are so important in workwear.

These two brilliant pieces have become instantly recognisable as Ian Viggars work.

Click on each photo to have a full look at each piece, let us know what you think.

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