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Our garments are unisex but were originally made for men with a French menswear sizing system, consequently we use contemporary menswear US letter sizes as our main reference, but we measure our garments, measurements are in fact the most important element.


As the clothes span the decades and come from different countries with different sizing systems (for instance German and French are different), we tend to ignore the sizes indicated on the garments (if they have) and measure them - a 48 size on a garment is a French 44 if the item is German or Swiss, and equivalent to a 44 or 46 in today's sizes if the piece is 1950s or earlier.


For jackets the most important measure is the armpit to armpit length in inches.

Our sizes are as follows:

Sizes chore jackets.png

SMOCKS: we add an inch for the extra space needed to pop over the smock over your head, so medium will be 23” etc.


TROUSERS: we measure waist and inner leg length in inches and centimetres, as well as the rise and opening at the end of the trousers.


Jumpsuits have a combination of measurements similar to the jackets and the trousers, with the rise measurement is very important (front length from crotch to neck).


Dungarees are difficult, we measure like their trousers, but also the length between the bib and the crotch.


If you want us to help you find the right size, please get in touch with some of these details:

The pit to pit size of a garment you already own (measured laid flat and buttoned up)

Your dress size, Letter size, or denim/trouser sizes.

Measuring your chore jacket.JPG
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